Family Fridays| It’s Not Just a Haircut 

yani haircut

How do you treat a haircut? Is it just a chore to get done and over with or a pampering moment where you surrender yourself wholely to expert hands?

It’s usually a chore for me. Being a busy bee, it means going to the barber or salon to make sure the children comply with the school’s prescribed haircut. My husband, being in the military does his routine haircut for compliance.

haircut 1

A week ago, it was different for us. Having all family members finally complete, the dad said, “Let’s go to the salon.” The little one was raring to go because it’s school break and he’s allowed to get his Cristiano Ronaldo haircut. For the girls, a salon visit is always a welcome treat. For me, it’s a lucky day! I’m sure my hair agrees.

haircut 2

It was not just another haircut. It was a lovely, family experience. Here’s a list of why it was such.

  1. Our favorite hairstylist named Charles still worked with the salon. After almost a year of not going to him as a family, he gushed at how the kids have grown. I looked at the kids and yes, we’re nearly all adults! The banter with Charles and the Bench Fix crew was light and lovely.
  2. Constancio the Dad, who always entrusts his cut to his personal, official barber watched over and lingered lovingly to just look at his kids. I could see how he is proud of his genes. His presence…just priceless.
  3. In the same way, it took years for the kids to be with their dad once again in a haircut occasion. I know they are quite grateful at how their parents go out of their way to be with them in such a simple activity…especially the littlest one. I remember when we first brought them for their baby haircut and now, we bring them still to supervise the haircut of their choice that would suit their personality.
  4. It was fun for me to watch how my teenagers could not get enough of mirrors! A lot of narcissistic love in there! I was laughing inside.
  5. From time to time, they would glance at me and ask, Is the cut ok? Bagay ba? Questions that are so simple yet to me, they mean that my opinion still counts. Thank heavens for that.
  6. Personally, after my haircut, it felt as if my entire head could breathe again! I literally felt lighter.

I wonder when the next haircut experience will be.

Madrasta Mondays | A Stepmom, A Stepdaughter and a Cinderella Movie. 


Who loves a Cinderella movie? Everyone apparently.

How about a stepmom? Does a madrasta love a Cinderella movie?

Weeks ago, we watched the most recent Disney version of Cinderella. I’ve always loved it as a child and as a girl. There’s always a little girl in every woman. No wonder I love it still. But for the first time, I’ve seen the story through a stepmother’s eyes. Let me tell you a little about the experience.

I’ve always loved how stepmoms are portrayed — grand, beautiful, glamorous and smart. Did you notice how they portray their grand entrance? Never did you see a wicked stepmother being wimpy or underdressed. Never and I like that! For that matter, I was pleased but when the startling wicked smile appears and the cruel intentions surface, I just cringe! It’s not a comforting feeling. I ask myself, Was there ever a time that I appear to be that way to the children?

the wicked stepmother

And then Cinderella, the oh-so-kind, distressed young girl sings in such a high pitch, all angelic and heavenly. Everyone naturally falls for her. I’m thinking, Oh if only all stepchildren are like her! The truth is, stepchildren are like any children. They are sweet and loving at times. They get in your nerves too and thus, make you scream.

Now, there’s the scene when the wicked stepmom tries to fix up her daughters with the Prince. Most would find this so evil! As a stepmother, I kind of understood and knew where she was coming from. It’s not the most noble plan but the stepmom is a biological parent too. And we want only the best for our children, to secure their future and make sure they’re going to be okay. Although I don’t agree with her ways, I knew how she felt. Like her, there are familiar questions running through my mind. Unlike her, I find the answers to it with my husband by my side. Losing her husband, her fortune…it’s not a very easy scenario, is it?

The whole movie goes by with my stepchildren beside me who are quite grown and are now in a mind of their own. I glance at them throughout the movie and wonder, What are they thinking?  Are they watching the movie like a regular movie or are they watching it -relating it to how we are? I think I will never know the answer.

I could curse Disney for contributing to the Stepmother stereotype but I also remember at how it has cooked up fantastic fairytales that allow the world to dream and believe in magic. To come up with the perfect fairy tale, there are villains. The stepmom is just one of them. Besides, there’s the Fairy Godmother in the Cinderella story.

We finish the movie, the popcorn and the soda. We all go out of the theatre, with all the kids all in light banter. One says, “Let’s go to Starbucks.” Another says, “I need to go to the restroom.” And one says, “Mom, can I have your wifi hotspot?”

I say, “Of course! Let’s do all that! I’m your fairy godmother.”

fairy godmother

When in Zambales | Burger King

burger king

What Brought Me Here

Every now and then, my schedule requires fast food, unfortunately. As much as I try to avoid it, I opt for the better choices, the one that tastes close to gourmet at a certain level, the one with more convenient dining areas and the one that’s a lot cleaner than the bigger names. So, in the area, Burger King is it!

What We Ordered

As Always, Burger King Mushroom Swiss Meal (comes with fries and drinks)

Chicken Nuggets with Rice

4 Cheese Whopper Burger

What the Place Was Like

As expected, the area is cleaner, the decor is more tasteful. The ambience was light and airy…not common to a fast food chain. Food service crew were friendly, not loud and so busy!

What the Food Was Like

The flame-grilled burger delivered, as I knew it would. The fries were freshly cooked. The nuggets tasted good, was quite salty than the the other popular brand. Overall, it was the usual sinful fast food taste but more delectable because of the presence of that flame-grilled nature and ‘shrooms!

Lessons Learned

Always go with the brand close to your heart and you leave the place happy, to your heart’s content.

Burger King, 1/F Harbor Point, Ayala Mall, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

Open from 11 AM – 9 PM | Menu here